About Erin


over 20 years of experience

Erin is a licensed Marriage Family Therapist (MFT43507). She earned a Masters in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University in 2002 and graduated Cum Laude from UCLA in 1995. She has been working therapeutically with clients since 2002 and has been in private practice in the Bay Area since 2006. Erin has been an active member of the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists since 2002.

work with families

From 2002-2012, Erin worked with kids and their families as a school therapist in both public and private school settings, as well as seeing families within her private practice, regarding various adolescent emotional, social, and behavioral issues.  Her early training focused on child and adolescent development, attachment, trauma, and family systems.  Though Erin now works exclusively with adults, her early work with kids and families helps her to offer skilled guidance to clients seeking parenting support.  She has a particular passion for working with moms around issues specific to the challenges of motherhood.  She also loves helping new parents and couples make the challenging transition to parenthood.

yoga, mindfulness, meditation

As a therapist, Erin is passionate about exploring the mind-body connection by blending western psychology with eastern philosophy.  As a yoga and meditation practitioner since 1996, a holistic approach to wellness is an integral part of who she is and how she works.  In 2008, Erin became a certified Yoga instructor to better help clients manage stress and anxiety through mindfulness practice, meditation, and teaching self-regulation skills.